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Tech Truths is the official blog of Him Only ICT. It is a blog that informs the world on latest and trending news from the tech world. Not only that, we write articles on tech related histories, tech achievers and heroes, tech facts and events around the world.

Him Only ICT is a full service creative digital agency with a large wealth of knowledge, skills, techniques, strategies in computer/ict projects.

We specialize in different kind of projects that ranges from website designing and development, graphic designing, branding and identity, website maintenance, and more. Our talented, farsighted, in-house team is at hand to answer questions, strategize and implement solutions and most importantly, execute successful projects. 

Summarily, our blog is basically on 

Tech News …an achieve of tech related news, and all news from the tech world and top news about technology, be it local, continental or global.

Tech Facts …this section deals with facts and figures about technology and about the some milestones technology has attained in the past years.

Tech Heroes …here we bring your the biography and life story of some people who have accomplished so much in the tech field and has helped to impact life, communities and the world in general with the help of technology.

Tech History …on this section, we bring you some striking history about tech and its accomplishments so far.

Tech Opportunities  …this is an achieve of tech opportunities for those who are tech savvy; this include hackathons, tech competitions, loans & funding opportunities and all other forms of tech related programmes.

Tech Events …just like the previous section, this section of Tech Truths is narrowed majorly to tech events and their features.

Tech Gadgets … this is one the most interesting section to our audience so far, its all about tech gadgets; here we unveil the specs, price and detailed information about new and upcoming tech gadgets into the tech market.